Influencers & Tastemakers

Influencers & Tastemakers

Monetize your influence by selling custom merch to your followers

Influencers & Tastemakers

Connect with your fans & create a revenue stream by making & selling your own premium custom merch.

If you aren’t selling your own custom merch to your followers, you are missing out! There are tons of opportunities to benefit from by selling your own premium apparel.

Why partner with MTL Label?

  • Create custom merch influenced and designed with your branding;
  • Monetize your following by selling personalised merchandise. MTL Label makes this easy, fun & profitable;
  • E-Commerce & Fulfillment: Let us manage your online shop & the fulfillment of orders (pick/pack/ship);
  • Design & Branding: Let us help you make designs and come up with creative & sales strategies.

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