What We Do

Branding & Design Conception

Need help coming up with a logo or design concept?

Send us your ideas and our creative team will come up with designs that best compliment your brand’s identity.

Premium Apparel Sourcing

Finding the right apparel for your project is never easy.

With our network of suppliers & manufacturers, we have access to 100s of options for your custom apparel.

Let us know what style & fit you’re looking for and we will find the right type suited to your specific needs.

High-Quality Embellishments

Embroidery (Our Specialty)

Embroidery is the art form of decoration using needles & thread.

It is our preferred way to embellish garments due to its premium finish that makes your brand stand out.

A great option for logos, embroidery is long-lasting and will not fade or snag after continuous washing.


Embroidered patches are a great way to increase the value of your garment and to create a unique professional appearance.


Create a multimedia design with dimension & texture by using fabric instead of stitches to cover a large area of a design.

3D Puff

Elevate your embroidered design with puff foam to create a premium raised 3D effect.


Screen-printing is the art form of transferring ink through a stencilled mesh screen.

It is a cost-efficient printing option and is preferred for larger orders.

Heat-Transfer Vinyl

HTV is a garment decoration technique that involves printing, cutting & weeding a speciality vinyl, which is then heat applied to the garment.

Great for low quantity orders & less intricate designs.

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